George Gee - Don't seem to know anything about problems or care

Mullan, Idaho 1 comment

have a 2011 sorento with 13,600 miles mileage was slow to get up to 26mpg was doing fine then dropped to 20-22 when i ask what it might be standard answer was I DON'T KNOW they can or seem to be able to do servicing alright but don't ask them about a problem didn't even recommend/or offer to check air filter / HAVE HAD MANY NEW CARS AND HAVE NEVER COME ACRESS THIS TYPE OF REPLY. like the car but not the mileage or the fact that i may have to drive to washington to get a mechanic

tom barber

Review about: Kia Sorento.



This review completely lot me." they seem to do the servicing right"?

but dont ask them a question? ha ha.. I laughed out loud reading that. Did this gentleman have the car diagnosed?

or just a random question that the person was supposed to just guess at?I probably would have said the same thing.

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